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Sad: Man Slashes Granny's Head With A Panga Claiming That She Does Witchcraft Activities.

We all know that killing is not good at all. It is a sin regardless of the person you are killing. Even if the person is evil, you should take the right procedures of arresting the person in order to face the law. Why should you go ahead killing the person? It is sinful and God doesn't allow this. This is because the person you are killing is God's image.

Exodus 21:12

He who strikes a man do death shall be put to death too. Read the Bible wisely and avoid hell fellow friends.

Genesis 9:6,,, Whoever shades the blood of man to die out of anger shall be put to death too because this man was created in God's image and likeness regardless of his wickedness.

The Bible is very clear about this. But why should we go against God's will. Remember when the pharisees tried to kill the adulterous woman. What did Jesus tell them when she was taken over him? He simply told them that whoever who has never sinned be the first one to stone him. All of them fled away because they knew they are wicked.

Early today morning, I got so sad because I witnessed another incident where a man did wonders to his grandmother in the name of witchcraft. Though I came late, I found the incident had already occurred at my own home place!

The sad incident occurred after a middle-aged man reportedly ended his grandmother's life brutally. It has been reported that there were rumors circulating around claiming that the old lady was using black magic. The man was not happy and he felt like people are tarnishing their family name. He actually went straight to where the grandmother was and started interrogating her concerning the viral rumors. The grandmother defended herself but this man was not listening to her at all.

By then, neighbors had started coming and the crowd was getting bigger. It has been reported that he slashed his grandmother's head killing her on the spot. Some men joined him and they brought more people who they believed were doing witchcraft activities. They actually burnt them to death and escaped after realizing that police officers were coming. Police officers have asked anybody who knows where they are to bring reports since they are murderers.

( Source: Facebook Page On A Jubilee Party Forum In Kitutu Chache North)

I think this is why most of us are cursed. You may think you have done it right but remember the spirit has to haunt you. We have killed even our own parents due to societal abominations. This is what doesn't like at all. What if the grandmother was innocent as old as she is? Just carrying a slasher and chopping her head gully! Then people have turned out to be devils.

I wish God comes now and ends the world. What are your views my reader? Don't forget to follow my channel for more updates like this one. Share the sad story for others to be aware of this too. Thank you for reading my article too though am very agitated of this. Who in the world supports killing? Would you do it were she your grandmother. Remember the far you have been with since you were young.

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