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The Only Person Who Fought God And Managed To Remain Alive

Jacob is certainly the only man in the bible who wrestled with God in the bible, according to the bible, Jacob wrestled with the 'strange' man until day break in quest for blessings. Knowing very well that the person confronting him was an angel from God, he decided to seek blessings from Him before letting Him off.

In the bible, Jacob is described as a very aggressive and vibrant man. He fought with the angel on his way to Canaan, it was in the dusk that Jacob was confronted with God, though he was injured after the fight but he probably got the blessings he wanted and that's the place where Jacob's name was changed to Israel. 

Jacob later named the place Penuel. According to the book of Genesis, the angel who fought with Jacob is regarded or mentioned as 'God' while in the book of Hosea 12:3-5 He is regarded as an Angel. The bible also describes Jacob as being cunning and crafty especially when he steals the blessings of his brother Esau. But he certainly remains the only person who fought with God in the bible.

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