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Islamic Sheikh's And Imams To Set New Rules During Ramadhan Period

(Courtesy)Ramadhan being known as an Islamic practice that is conducted every year, things seem to be different these time as they plan to enter into the most important and respected time of prayer and fasting.

Imams and sheikh's have been adviced to set new rules that will help out at these time due to the third Covid wave being experienced in the country of Kenya. Worshipers attending their prayers as well as those leading them are being advised to finish their prayers by 9.30 p.m for the regions that are not on lockdown and 7.30 pm for the closed one's. These is meant to help out in minimising the spread of the Virus.

President Uhuru kenyatta restricted movements in and out of several counties which were being reported to have a high number of infections of Corona which was meant to decrease the curve and reduce the numbers. With the ongoing vaccinations! We do hope that there will be an end and things will resume to normal.

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Islamic Uhuru kenyatta


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