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Pray For India, (Photos) The top Trends in Kenya.

Covid-19 pandemic in the world is the worst enemy to progress of every country. The vaccination process seems not to be going as fast as anticipated in most countries due to shortage of the vaccine.

India continues to record the highest deaths recently in the world. People are recorded falling from motorbikes, ambulance and lying off the road.

Most netizens expressed their emotions on Twitter praying for this nation. Saniya, "the situation is pretty bad there. Patients are running out of oxygen, I've seen images where people are sleeping on roads with oxygen cylinders carried by family members."

Stephanie, "Please pray for India. We have good missionary friends who have worked with India for years. Believe it or not they are in their '80's' and now after covid they won't be traveling but are advisors to the leaders there. They are true Christians."

Here are other photos of the situation in India.

Let's pray for India.

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