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4 Strange Things That Will Happen Before Jesus Comes Again

Though Jesus never predicted his actual day of coming ,he however predicted the preamble of what will happen before his second coming.According King James version bible ,in the gospel of Luke ,Chapter 21 verses 7-18 Jesus pointed four strange things that would happen before he reappears.One Many people claiming to be Jesus will appear,some of them will have characters of Jesus such as performing miracles ,but they won't be Christ himself.Two, terrible earthquakes,famines ,plagues and strange things from the sky will appear.Some theologians have argued that such things have started happening,considering Jesus did not mention the timeline.

The third strange thing that will happen is Christian preachers will be persecuted by their own relatives.Verses 16 specifically points out that parents will hand over their children who are preaching Jesus to be jailed and vice versa.The last thing which is quite bizzare is that Christianity will be hated in the world.Considering that Christianity is the largest religion in the world ,most Christians find it hard to believe, but theologians argue that Christians who follow Jesus' teachings completely are the ones who will be affected.However ,Jesus promised that whoever will stand firm in his teaching will be saved and none will be hurt.

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