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Duruma Vs Digo online fight after a local radio station posted this on its facebook page

Radio kaya fm, a local coastal radio station based in Kwale, through a post on its facebook page unknowingly availed a platform for the netizens of two mijikenda sub tribes to fight and point out the worst of each other.

The post that indicates 1 day ago, is an advertisement on the launch of a new Bible version that is to happen on 22nd May 2021. The Bible is meant for the Digo sub tribe as it is has been written in Digo. It is a Digo translated version.

As soon as the post was made, various conspicuous comments started streaming in.

There is a group which is belived to be the Digo themselves, started rejecting and disapproving the translation exercise. They were citing that the there was no need for the translation since there are no christian Digos.

More reactions as well was drawn from the picture that was used on the poster. Tjey claimed that the women who were on that poster were not Digos. Some went ahead to criticise the manner in which the women had dressed.

"Adigo kaavala vivi, ano ni ano aphu aduruma wa vigurungani" (Digos can't dress in this manner, this must be Durumas from Vigurungani"

Some argued that there are no Digos who are muslims and if they are, then its them who are after begging for goodies in church.

The other group which is believed to be Durumas as well appeared to defend their tribe. The group seemed less reactive. They have mostly contributed in the debate by reminding the other group that religion should not be ethnised, amd that there is no better tribe than the other.

There are some who even came out clearly and testified and confrdsed being Christians despite being Digos.

Belpw are screenshots showing the post amd the various reactions.

What do you think? Are there religions for specific tribes? If a certain tribe has its majority in one religion, dos it mean that the other religions have no right to spread and make known, their faith?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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