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Ever Heard Of Rapture? Could This Be The Reason Christian Fear Reading The Book Of Revelation?

While many Christians turn to the Bible to seek answers and explanations for their reality of terror and evil, there is unexplained fear why some ardent Christians never read the last book in the Bible. What many do not know is that many answers can be found in the wonder_filled book of Revelation. The book mostly referred as apocalypse, was written by John the disciple of Jesus. This book talk about what will happen in the last days.

The Book is full of terror for the non_ believers and what shall befall them, the doom of sinners and the painful end. However, not many understand this book and the coded message contained in it and only the very few full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom.

However, the book also gives a warning to anyone who may add or remove a word from the book of Revelation and what shall befall anyone who will ever do that. Perhaps that explains why not many people like reading this Book.

A river of life flows through the Bible and the Book of Revelation, a river flowing from the throne of God to bring healing to our world. Revelation offers it's wondrous water of life as a gift to who are thirsty for God's presence. This is written to help people see and follow that biblical river in their lives.

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