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As You Finish This Second Day of the Month, Say the following Word Of Prayer

Prayer is always the key to success in life. Every problem can be solved by prayer,however bad the situation is,God never forsakes his people. I know many people are having difficult times especially amidst this Corona virus pandemic. God is always the provider,pray and all will be well.

As you finish this second day of the month,tell God something by saying the following word of prayer.

Dear heavenly father,its another wonderful evening that I come to you exalting your name. Thank you for another month,you have been with me during this difficult time and I believe you will still stand with me in my entire life. I put this whole month in your hands dear Lord, I pray for protection and good health. I know you will provide for me and you will Never forsake me Jehovah.

As I prepare going to bed this evening, be with me always until tomorrow morning lord. I put all my struggles in your powerful hands O Lord of lords. I pray this short prayer in Jesu's mighty name. Amen.

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