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COVID-19: Magufuli Today's Kinjikitile Ngwale

For the historians, it is easier to remember Kinjikitile Ngwale who was the leader of Maji Maji rebellion during the colonial period. For those who missed it, Ngwale was a prophet who led Maji Maji rebellion against the German colonialism in Tanganyika currently known as Tanzania.

Ngwale gave the Maji Maji warriors holy water claiming that they will be immune to the German's bullets. When the warriors faced the German after taking holy water believing that the bullets will not affect them, they ended up dying large numbers as the holy water of prophet Kinjikitile Ngwale failed to work.

Currently Tanzania president John Pombe Magufuli seems to apply the same tactic against fight against Coronavirus. Coronavirus is spreading at a very high rate when people are interacting freely in churches. Leaving the people get exposed to the deadly Covid-19 by allowing them to attend church masses.

If some few individuals among the believers is having Coronavirus he or she is likely to infected so many people without knowing. And after a while more people will be victims of Covid-19. By the time they will be discovered, thousands of Tanzanians will be positive of Covid-19.

Tanzania should go with the ways other countries are going like Uganda which is currently under a lockdown. Uganda has really managed this Covid-19 in the best way as it has recorded only 55 Coronavirus cases with zero death.

John Pombe Magufuli should adopt better ways to keep his citizens safe from this deadly pandemic. Considering the high number of deaths reported from other countries, Magufuli should take best measures to keep citizens from mass gatherings. Staying home in prayers will be staying safe.

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