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Church Members Fight After Bishop Creates Post for Wife to Siphon Money, Wants Church Devolved

A group of Methodists in Meru has launched an attack on their presiding bishop, Joseph Ntombura, whom they accuse of destroying the church. The leaders who assembled on Monday, July 26, 2021, want the church to devolve and decentralize its power, as opposed to how bishop Ntombura is allegedly handling the house of God. The leaders, led by Reverend Meshack Kanake, who was consecrated as the president of the Mt Kenya region on July 18 in Maua, called on all Methodist Ministers and members to join them to change the Methodist Church's course. The Methodist Church decided to go regional in 1996, according to Regional Coordinator Gerishon Mwiti, but it has yet to be executed due to poor leadership. “Rather than controlling the church's funds from Nairobi, each area should have its own share,” he added. “We adore Ntombura, but we despise what he's done to the church. We also adore his wife (Pauline Ntombura), who may have aided him in all of the events,” Kanake said.

On the same note, the Church Trustee Kinoti G.K. stressed that they are not a split group, but complete members of the Methodist church against Ntombura. They accuse irresponsibility and nepotism of disrespecting leaders exploiting authority. “He created a job for his wife in the church to drain money although there are so many preachers on a mission who are suffering due to financial strains,” he added. This group met today in reaction to Ntombura's comments on July 18 while attending a service at a Kirua church in Buuri, Meru. He had said that the Kanake-led squad was a breakaway faction within the church.

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