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Popular MP in Trouble After Receiving Ksh. 15 Million to Decamp But Failed to Honor the Deal

 A renowned member of parliament from western Kenya is living in fear after duping a powerful party leader from the region. Word has it that the lawmaker negotiated a Ksh 15 million deal to ditch his party and join the other party.

However, after the deal was made and money transferred to him, he caught cold feet. His handlers, who were unaware of the deal he had made, warned him against joining the new outfit terming it political suicide. He obliged and instead went underground to allow dust to settle.

It later dawned on the party boss that the MP had no intentions of switching sides since the set timelines had passed. He has since sent emissaries to warn the legislator of dire consequences if he does not keep his end of the bargain.

The MP is currently in a state of confusion since he spent most of the money on campaigns for the party primaries and passed. Chances of winning in the upcoming elections are high in his current party. On the other hand, the aggrieved party leader wants him to return his Ksh 15 million.

The disgruntled party boss has sworn to teach him a lesson should he play any further tricks on him. After realizing what the MP did, his handlers have taken a back seat and left him to handle this situation on his own.

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