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Watu Wawache Mchezo na Kiburi, Ruto Gets Angry at Salim Mvuryas Home[Video]

Photo:Dp Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto who attended the funeral service of Sada Mgalla Nyawa,mother to Kwale County Governor Salim Mvurya asked his political nemesis to stop chest thumping and bitterness after BBI fell.

The Deputy President in his speech didn't directly point out who he was referring to but his sentiments came a day after President Uhuru asked him to resign if he's dissatisfied with the government.

"We cannot continue discussing on how some few people will share power but we have to change the discussion.Thankfully BBI reggae stopped.Now we can discuss on ordinary Kenyans on how to improve their standards of living.That's why we have to change the economy from trickle down to bottom-up and we can't stop.BBI imesimama na watu wengine wawache madharau,kiburi na kupiga kifua,"said Dp Ruto 

He further went ahead and said those who are against him are the ones whom he supported to win the Presidency and Prime Minister position stating they had no problem with him at that time.

"When I supported Uhuru and Raila,they had no problem with me,why do they have a problem with me when I say I want to support mama mboga and other hard working Kenya,"dp Ruto asked seemingly angry 

A day ago,President Uhuru dared William Ruto to resign from government if he's not satisfied.

President Uhuru went ahead and said BBI downfall was due to politics and judges were misled.

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