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Why is Ruto Unconcerned About a Scheduled Mass Action?

Ruto might not be concerned about a premeditated mass protest for a number of reasons, including:

Having faith in their political base: Ruto may have faith in his or her political base, which may include a sizable number of supporters who may be ready to take part in a large-scale protest in his favor. He might feel more secure as a result and be less concerned about any possible repercussions.

Ruto may have participated in collective action in the past, making him more likely to feel at ease and confident in managing any future protests or demonstrations. Additionally, he might have a network of friends or backers who have prior experience planning and leading large-scale protests.

Ruto may fervently believe in their political cause and feel as though they are standing up for what is right, which may inspire him to carry out their plans despite the risks.

Trust in their security measures: Ruto may have put in place sufficient security measures that give him a sense of security and protection in the event of a large-scale attack. This might entail having a capable security team, hiring private protection, or taking additional safety precautions.

Overall, there could be a number of explanations for why Ruto might not be concerned about premeditated mass violence, but it's important to remember that each person must eventually weigh the risks and come to their own conclusions based on their own judgment and personal beliefs.

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