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If Ballots Voting Boxes Can Go To Most Remote Areas, Why Not Basic Needs?

When campaigns season comes, all the Politicians are promising their different projects which will help the voters as they sell their manifestos.

But for a very long time now, I think we as voters should open our eyes wide and use our brains well because I've come to realize that when each and every election periods comes closer is only when we get to see the leaders who we elected in previous polls.

This is so inhuman as they give fake promises but they don't deliver, when the casting day comes it's very rare to record an incident that a certain polling station lacked or didn't receive the ballot boxes nor the scarsity of voting papers.

But when it comes to service delivery to a local Kenyan it comes a problem but almost every day we are used to listening or watching the craft cases by our very own elected leaders who doesn't deliver their little promises.

Voters are the ones who give them jobs by voting them but they give nothing in return. This should be harshly condemned and it can only be done by voters, and by doing the right thing not to be bribed on whom to vote for will surely bring change and development in our country.

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