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Kenya Joins USA And Britain In Defying International Court Ruling, Experts Explain What Will Happen

After the International Court of Justice's ruling about the Kenya Somalia Maritime case, president Uhuru Kenyatta defied the ruling saying he will protect the Kenyan sovereignty at all cost. Through president Uhuru's decision, Kenya has joined the United States of America and Britain in defying the UN courts decision.

Experts have analysed the gravity of the court decision and proposed ways in which the two countries can use to maintain bilateral ties. According to political analyst Dr Barrack Muluka, president Uhuru made the right call to reject the decision of the court saying the president has a duty to protect the national territory and sovereignty.

Barack Muluka's sentiments have been echoed by political analyst Nafula Kisiangani who said the court decision came at an unfortunate time when the tension between the two countries could escalate. Madam Kisiangani has referred to a case when president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda once said that his territory extended to Nakuru and saying president Uhuru needs to come out strongly.

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