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Remember TZ Pastor Who Mocked Kenya Over COVID-19? Here is His Parliamentarian Election Result

A few months ago, a Tanzanian pastor made headlines after he mocked Kenyans when the deadly COVID-19 pandemic was ruthlessly wreaking havoc in Kenya.

By then, President Uhuru Kenyatta has suspended all forms of public gatherings including church gatherings, as a measure to curb the spread of the virus.

President Magufuli on the other hand had allowed Tanzanians to pray from their places of worship, and ask God for His protection.

Pastor Josephat Gwajima mocked Kenya by saying they had turned their backs on God, which gave the novel coronavirus to ravage lives without mercy.

He also bragged how their wise leader President John Pombe Magufuli had used wisdom to allow Tanzanians to cry to God and get healing from above.

"They (Kenyans) are being tested but there are no healings there because they are not going to church, what stupidity is that? Here in Tanzania, we have had only 20 cases and the only victim died because he had other complications," Gwajima said.

He also based his mockery on three people who had by then succumbed to COVID-19 as compared to Tanzania who had just one death case.

"Corona decided to act on them because they were not going to church. Kenya also closed its churches but has 113 cases with three already dead," he added.

More so, Gwajima joined politics and had special love from President John Pombe Magufuli.

The preacher failed to secure a Chama Cha Mapinduz (CMM) ticket in the primaries after losing it to John Pombe Magufuli's close relative.

However, his closeness to Magufuli made President Magufuli intervene and have the preacher get the CCM ticket.

He was on Thursday declared the winner after a landslide victory. He got a total of 193, 833 votes as compared to 32, 524 votes that the second candidate got.

"Msimamizi wa Uchaguzi Jimbo la Kawe amemtangaza Askofu Josephat Gwajima wa CCM kuwa Mshindi wa Ubunge katika Jimbo hilo kwa kura 194,833 akifuatiwa na Halima Mdee (CHADEMA) mwenye kura 32,524," Millars Ayo reported.

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