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Gov Kimemia Comes Out Clean, Reveals Why Ruto May Face Stiff Competition in Mt Kenya (Video)

"Like any other competitor he can walk around the mountain seeking for votes but, the only thing we would like to see is..." This was the statement by the Nyandarua governor Hon Francis Kimemia during the Monday interview on TV 47 Kenya. The governor was commenting on the Gema's 2022 voting pattern and why every presidential candidate had concentrated on the mountain.

Deputy President Dr William Ruto With His Boss President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the interview, Kimemia seemed to describe the ODM party leader Raila Odinga as the preferable candidate by the kukiyus. According to him, the bad image created by Gema leaders in the past was part of politics. Since he was running for presidency against Uhuru Kenyatta who was one of their own, they had to profile him as a bad person.

"All those negative things we said about Raila Odinga were just politics because he was in competition with Uhuru Kenyatta." the governor stated.

Concerning Ruto's climb to the mountain, the Nyandarua boss was neutral citing that campaign breakthrough was not a direct reflection of endorsement in the region. According to him, Ruto's campaign in the Mountain has been allowed since it is his democratic right to walk in any part of the nation and freely campaign.

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Kimemia however said the people of Mt Kenya are still not convinced about a Ruto presidency. According to him, the disrespect that Ruto has shown president Uhuru Kenyatta will cost him come 2022 during the general elections. He rubbished the common propaganda in the country that Uhuru no longer had a say in Mt Kenya.

"Most of us are not able to understand what DP Ruto's bottom-up means but like any other competitor he can come look for votes. The only thing we'd like to see is greater respect for his boss." Governor Francis Kimemia stated.

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