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Slow Upgrade Of Slums In Nairobi

Nairobi is inhabitant with about 56% of the population living in the slums area. The reason why the slums grow is because of rural-urban migration, poverty and unemployment. People are coming to the city to earn a living and start their lives. Examples of slums include: kibera, kayole, korogocho, mathare, e.t.c. Nairobi is full of opportunity that any person who wants to venture can do so but the high population makes it impossible.

Over the recent years, we have seen slow progress by government of initiating upgrade of slums. Construction of roads in the areas has taken place but in other areas it is still unfinished. There is water supply but not enough to sustain everyone.Electricity and streets lights are available that help in security purposes. Program such as garbage collection is in action as most of Nairobi's garbage is dumped in dandora dumpsite. Availability of social amenities such as schools, hospitals and recreational resources will help eradicate slums. Non governmental organization has also express their support by community organization and mobilization.

Living in slums is very difficult because the life their is hard. Actions should be put in place and considered, this will have a great impact in upgrading of slums.

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