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5 Most Powerful Countries in Africa

Global Firepower in 2019 released Africa's military strength ranking. According to them Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ethiopia are the most powerful countries in military strength.

Global Firepower uses of over fifty aspects to determine a given Country's Power Index score.

Photo: A military fighter jet| Courtesy

The ranking analyzes the assortment of each nation's military weapons and also looks at their manpower, their geographical location, and accessible natural resources in their reserves.

The topmost powerful country's index score is 0.0000, which is realistically unattainable according to Firepower. They added that the closer a country is to this number, the more powerful their military is expected to be.

The 5 most powerful militaries in Africa are:

1. Egypt

Egypt was ranked as the strongest military armed nation in Africa. With a power index of 0.2283, the country boasts of military personnel of 920,000 in relation to the country's 99,413,317 people. The country has a total aircraft strength of 1092. Egypt has a helicopter strength of 293.

Egypt's largest military airbase next to the Red Sea: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

Egypt's military forces

Photo: Egypt's military forces|Courtesy

2. Algeria

Ranked 2nd, Algeria with a power index of 0.4551 has total military personnel of 280,000. The country's total aircraft is 511, 284 being helicopters.

Algeria fighter jets ordered from Russia. Admiral Visit

Algeria's soldiers near the village of Ouled Gacem in eastern Algeria, about 500km (311 miles) from the capital Algiers February 12, 2014. REUTERS/Louafi Larbi

Photo: Algeria's soldiers|Courtesy

3. South Africa

South Africa is the 3rd strongest country in Africa in terms of military strength. The country has a power index of 0.5405, total military personnel of 81,300 against a population of 55,380,210. South Africa's total Aircraft strength is 206 and helicopter strength of 92

Photo: South African Aircraft|Courtesy

Photo: South African naval ship|Courtesy

Members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) return after taking part in a Capability Demonstration at the Roodewal Bombing Range in Makhado, in the northern province of Limpopo, May 9, 2013. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko


4. Nigeria

Nigeria which is Africa's most populated nation was ranked 4th with a power index of 0.7007. The country has military personnel of 120,000 against a population of 203,452,505.

The country's total Aircraft strength is 131. The helicopter's strength is 46.

Photo: Nigeria army

Photo: Nigeria A-29 Super Tucanos planes|Courtesy

Nigerian army troops after a successfully  raids - Champion Newspapers

Photo: Nigeria Army/ Courtesy

5. Ethiopia

Ethiopia a country in the eastern Africa region is ranked 5th. The country has military personnel of 140,000 against a population of 108,386, 391. With a power index of 0.7361, the country has a total aircraft strength of 82. Ethiopia has helicopter strength of 33.

Image: Courtesy

Image: Courtesy

Ethiopia army (Mail & Guardian)

Photo: Courtesy of Ethiopia army

Watch the video above: Courtesy

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