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City Lawyer Lectures MPs Over Incompetence Which Has Caused Kenyans To Suffer Through Taxes & Debts

National Assembly of Kenya during the session proceedings in Nairobi City.

Members of Parliament have a received a lecture from the re-known vocal City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir over their incompetence which has caused many Kenyans to suffer, while they have elected them to represent their interests in government.

In his latest message on Twitter, Kipkorir has slammed the legislators for forgetting their work which is to provide oversight on behalf of the people, by preventing them from suffering through huge foregn debts and taxes which makes life difficult for the common citizens.

The vocal legal expert questioned whether there's any need for the country to have Legislators since they don't know their work, despite earning about Sh2 million monthly because they are always lamenting just as the normal citizens are lamenting outside there about the high cost of living, while they have been given the mandate to prevent that from happening.

"Do we really need Parliament? Constitution has given them exclusive power on development, budgetary allocation, borrowing of loans, taxes tax and levies, oversight et al. But they come lamenting in the village like all of us, and they earn 2 million monthly for this sheer incompetence and stupidity." He said.

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