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Check if Your Favourite Political Party, Coalition is Fully Registered. Here is the Latest Ful List

With the August 2022 elections only less than three months away, several aspirants are putting their guns and efforts together in a bid to win elective positions in the upcoming elections. Kenya seems to have the highest number of aspirants than ever before. The presidential race alone for instance has attracted over 40 candidates, most of them independent. To increase chances of being on the ballot papers, a number of aspirants have resorted seeking for nominations in new and unpopular parties or going as independent candidates. Several, especially those eyeing the presidency have also registered their own parties ahead of the August polls.

Photo: CYMK Presidential aspirant Damaris Too

Towards the end of last week, that is on 20th May, the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties released a list of all fully registered political parties in Kenya. According to the list, Kenya has a total of 90 fully registered parties with the registrations apparently having been closed until after the August polls. Any newly registered party from now onward won't be able to field a candidate for any elective position in the August polls. Meanwhile, below is the full list of all registered political parties in Kenya as per the latest details from the Office of the Registrar of political parties. Check if your party or Coalition or both are fully registered by the ORPP.

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1.National Rainbow Coalition-Kenya (NARCKENYA)

2.The National Vision Party (NVP)

3.Labour Party of Kenya (LPK)

4. Mwangaza Tu Party (MTP)

5.Party of Independent Candidate of Kenya (PICK)

6.Devolution Empowerment Party (DEP)

7.Kenya National Congress (KNC)

8.Mazingira Green Party (MGP)

9.National Democratic Movement (NDM)

10.Wiper Democratic Movement(WDM)

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11.Democratic Party of Kenya (DP)

12.Party of National Unity (PNU)

13.United Democratic Alliance (UDA)

14. Agano Party (AGANO)

15. Kenya Social Congress (KSC)

16.Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)

17.People’s Party of Kenya (PPK)

18.Forum for Restoration of Democracy Kenya (FORDKENYA)

19.Progressive Party of Kenya (PPOK)

20.Jubilee Party (JP)

21.Maendeleo Democratic Party (MDP)

22.National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)

23.Kenya African Democratic Union-Asili (KADUASILI)

24.Kenya Patriots Party (KPP)

25.Communist Party of Kenya (CPK)

26.Kenya African National Union (KANU)

27.Safina Party (SAFINA)

28.Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU)

29.National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAP- K)

30.People’s Empowerment Part (PEP)

31.Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

32.The New Democrats (ND)

33.United Democratic Movement (UDM)

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34.Shirikisho Party of Kenya (SPK)

35.Party of Democratic Unity (PDU)

36.Umoja na Maendeleo Party (UMP)

37.United Party of Independent Alliance (UPI)

38.Farmers Party (FP)

39.Economic Freedom Party (EFP)

40.Federal Party of Kenya (FPK)

41.Muungano Party (MP)

42.The National Party (TNP)

43.Jirani Mzalendo Asili Party of Kenya (J-MAPK)

44.Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM)

45.Alliance for Real Change (ARK)

46.Forum For Republican Democracy -Asili (FORD)

47.Republican Liberty Party (RLP)

48. 059 Roots Party of Kenya (RPK)

49.Vibrant Democracy Party (VDP)

50.Ubuntu People’s Forum (UPF)

51.Amani National Congress (ANC)

52.Devolution Party of Kenya (DPK)

53.United Democratic Party (UDP)

54.Kenya Reform Party (KRP)

55.People’s Trust Party (PTP)

56. Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCCP)

57.Democratic Congress (DC)

58.Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

59.Green Congress of Kenya (GCK)

60.National Liberal Party (NLP)

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61.Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG)

62.Alternative Leadership Party Of Kenya (ALP-K

63.Ukweli Party (UP)

64.Empowerment and Liberation Party (ELP)

65.Third Way Alliance Kenya (TAKE)

66.Justice and Freedom Party of Kenya (JFP)

67.Grand Dream Development Party (GDDP)

68.United Green Movement (UGM)

69.Usawa Kwa Wote- UKW (formerly Civic Renewal Party)

70.United Progressive Alliance (UPA)

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71.082 The Service Party (TSP)

72.National Ordinary People Empowerment Union (NOPEU)

73.National Reconstruction Alliance (NRA)

74.Democratic Action Party- Kenya (DAP-K)

75.Party for Peace and Development (PPD)

76.Chama Cha Kazi (KAZI)

77.Tujibebe Wakenya Party (JIBEBE)

78.Kenya Union Party (KUP)

79.Umoja Summit Party (USP)

80.Pamoja African Alliance (PAA)

Photo: PAA leader Amason Kingi

81.Mabadiliko Party of Kenya (MAPK)

82.Entrust Pioneer Party (EPP)

83.Party for Growth and Prosperity (PGP)

84.Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP)

85.National Democracy Expansion Party (NDEP)

86.Unified Change Party (UCP)

87.Universal Unity Party (UUP)

88.Chama ya Mapatano of Kenya (CYMK)

89.The Equitable Party (TEP)

90.Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party (Azimio)

Is your favourite Political Party and coalition fully registered?

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