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Huu Ni Unyama, Kenyans React After A Person Encountered This For Asking His Fare Balance On Matatu

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Kenyans have elicited mixed reactions on an incident where by some Matatu conductors are not obeying people rights according to the constitution of Kenya.

On the latest incident that was reported on Facebook account group of 'Kibera ni Kwetu' many netizens have been left wondering why some Matatu conductors are against the peoples rights.

According to the report that was shared on that Facebook group, a certain Male passenger was pushed out of the moving vehicle when he asked for his change. That person Sustained more physical injuries on his arm.

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That incident has left many people on social media talking, where by some have condemned that act and wants serious action to be taken against that offender. Other netizens also have encouraged conductors to respect people rights because respect is of so much importance.

Here are some of the reactions,

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People should respect each other and also be responsible at their working place by serving their clients according to what is expected by them.

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