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Truth Behind Trending Video showing MP Peter Salasya Punching and Kicking Kakakamega MCA(Video)

Hon. Peter Salasya, a young member of parliament, is in the news after being caught on camera punching a fellow member after a funeral. Yesterday at Kisa Ward, Khwisero Constituency, the politically tense burial took place following the strange death of the local MCA, Hon. Stephen Maloba. After being stabbed by supporters of the local member of parliament, Maloba passed away two weeks ago.

Photo Courtesy: Photo From Kisa Ward, Khwisero Constituency,

The live recording, which is currently circulating on social media platforms, claims that Hon. Salasya was seen sitting and attentively watching the funeral procession as MCAs delivered their addresses. Salasya is called to the podium for the address at a specific point and makes an attempt to speak. 

Shortly after he began to speak, a member of the Kakakamega County Assembly grabbed the microphone from his side and got into a physical struggle. Members fled for safety as the brawl got messy.

The video shows Hon. Salasya punching and kicking a colleague's honorable member while the other VIPs are seen using security to flee the incident. The incident video, as delivered from the burial site, is shown below:

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