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'Hakuna Kuachana' Tanzanian Politician Pours His Heart To Wife On 1st Month Wedding Anniversary

Petro Itozya Magoti with Joyce Mvungi. [All Images | Courtesy / Instagram]

Tanzanian politician Petro Itozya Magoti who just got married to the love of his life Joyce Mvungi is at it again pouring his heart out on how much he loves her.

Magoti is also an officer who works as a Tanzanian assistant secretary at the Chama Cha Mapinduzi Party (CCM).

The two love birds tied the note a month ago sparked a lot of reactions online from both Kenyans and Tanzanians with some sadly trolling him.

A few hours ago, Magoti took to social media and proved that true love really does exist as he wished his lover happiness and peace.

''* HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY DEAR WIFE JOYCE * I know you continue to enjoy the Glory of Love, Happiness, Peace, Pleasure and Life I go on.

He continued that their marriage is a holly one as they took vows before their spiritual being.

''Today we have celebrated the 1st month of our Holy Marriage but our marriage as we fasted yesterday. Our vow and our vows before the Almighty continue well.

Petro finished his message which he wrote fully in Swahili affirming that they are not going to separate but will be a journey of love and peace.

''*Hakuna kuachana,Hakuna kununiana,Hakuna kukasilikiana Mwendo wa Furaha, Amani na Upendo* Enjoy u're life Kipenzi changu Joyce.'' Politician Petro Magoti posted on his official Instagram account.

His supporters on social media have wished them the best advising him not to listen to what people, who do not wish them well, are saying.

Mtume Jack, ''Upendo, Imani na Muujiza, Mungu awafunike kabisa❤️.''

Milinga Catherine, ''😂😂unanifanya nitamani kuolewa mm hongera sana kaka unamaneno wewe Mungu awabariki.''

Jeffery Km, ''Love is beautiful thing😍❤️🔥MUNGU awadumishe kakamkubwa👏.''

Ismahil Kwetu, ''Lakini mbona tu huyu jamaa kuongea mambo matamtu ilhali mkewe hajawahi mposti hata kidogo??? Mambo ya watu wawili haya lakini.''

Makini, ''Ni vizuri sana watu kupendana... achana na hao wenye kuongea vibaya, usiwaskize wala kuwapa wakati wenu.''

Tracy, ''Aki pesa wewe 😍❤️.''

Petro Itozya Magoti with Joyce Mvungi. [All Images | Courtesy / Instagram]

One word for Petro and his lover. Comment below.

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