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Kenyan President Who Was Arrested And Served 9 Years In Prison

Meet The Kenyan President Who Was Arrested And Served 9 Years In Prison.

With great honor, Jomo Kenyatta is regarded as the founding father of the nation. The leader of the Kenyan independence movement was convicted by Kenya’s British rulers of leading the extremist Mau Mau in their violence against white settlers and the colonial government. 

As a leader, he was a great defender of Kenyan and African culture and wrote eloquently on the plight of Kenyans under colonial rule. He played little part in the Mau Mau uprising of 1952 but was imprisoned for nine years along with other nationalist leaders.

As the head of the Kenyan independence movement, he was found guilty by Kenya's British colonial authorities of organizing the violent Mau Mau group that carried out attacks against white settlers and the colonial administration. 

Kenyatta was arrested and served 9 years in prison later he became president of the Kenya African National Union and led negotiations with the British for self-rule.

In 1963, Kenya won independence, and in 1964 Kenyatta was elected president. He served in this post until he died in 1978.

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