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Why 2022 Politics Could be Favourable for Dr. Ruto

Politics in kenya is becoming more intense keeping in mind that 2022 is nearing hence most politicians want to be back in government. Most politicians in kenya are going back to their own people to ask for their votes.

Many politicians have shown their eager of vying for the presidential seat. The likes of Musalia,Odinga and the Deputy president are the only politicians who have shown signs of vying for the seat of the statehouse.

Dr. William Samoei Ruto is the only man, who is showing no sign of coalition. He believes that for him to be the president,only the people of kenya are the ones who will decide. He believes he has all it takes for the betterment of the life of common "mwananchi".

Ruto didn't gain fame easily, he was brought up from a humble background, where he started his journey from a mere chicken rearing business. Unto where he is now, he knows very well, what a common person in Kenya passes through to put food on the table. He knows there are people who sleep hungry in this country because they didn't find their hustle.

Most people in Kenya, especially the youth live a low life depending on everyday hustle. This is because of the high rate of unemployment because of who knows who for him to get the chance of getting employed.

Ruto believes that Kenyans want a better life, a life where every Kenyan has the right to the resources from the government.

All this highlights the good intentions Dr. Ruto has for his people in Kenya, especially the hustlers.

Dr. Ruto is also a God-fearing person, not only now but started from childhood. When you have a Godly leader, always will want to do what is good for the people.

All these qualities superscripts Ruto to be the best leader as compared to others.

Though he has not announced the party he will use come 2022 general elections, but due to recent news it likely to be United Democrat Alliance (U.D.A). This will only happen if Jubilee party denies him an opportunity to vie for the president using the Jubilee party. U.D.A has a wheelbarrow with the word hustler, which indicates the good promises he has for his people. Every person in Kenya wishes to lead a better life and for this to happen, we need that leader who has ever passed the hardships Kenyans are passing through.

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