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Briefcase That Is Use To Jam Phone Calls And Remote Controlled Explosives When President Is Around

When President Uhuru Kenyatta visits any place, his bodyguard follows him closely with a briefcase. Many Kenyans think that it is only used to carry the president's documents. It has many functions that I have highlighted some of its use.

According to YGF magazine, the briefcase cover is filled with a special 10mm thick insert that can withstand a 9mm para to 44 magnum calibre bullet impact. It helps to increase the security of content like written speeches and the person carrying them. It has anti-theft and anti-robbery functions that emit high-voltage pulse from up and down surfaces, front, back, left and right sides, and handle lock. Electric shock is activated with the remote control device.

The black briefcase is also a protective bulletproof shield. It provides immediate and temporary protection during emergencies. It is placed in front of the president to protect him from incoming bullets or knife attacks. It allows other security personnel to respond as the president is being evacuated to a safer area. It also contains a secret pocket where a submachine gun is kept.

The briefcase contains a mobile phone jammer that deliberately transmits signals on the same frequency thus disrupting communication. This help to disrupt the coordination of attacks directed towards the president. The type of communication that can be jam include phone calls, text messages, GPS and Wi-Fi, networks. The jammer has advanced jamming technology that defeats remote-controlled improvised explosive devices. It also has an anti-drone system that brings down drones carrying explosives.

In countries that have nuclear weapons, the briefcase contains the codes to the country's nuclear weapons. It is used to authorise the use of nuclear weapons and is usually kept near the leader of a nuclear weapons state at all times. It also has communication equipment that allows conversation between the president and military generals before a lawful decision is made. Once the orders an attack, the nuclear codes are confirmed by the commanders and are carried through the chain of command.

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