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Sammy Ngare Lectures Cleo Malala for Claiming Police Jobs Are for Dropouts: "We Have Doctors, Engine

Sammy Ondimu Ngare wrote a letter to Senator Cleophas Malala over his claims that the police service is for academic dwarfs.

Sammy Ngare Talks Cleo Malala on Dropout Police Jobs: "Doctors, engineers" Ngare says he won't call the leader "honorable" because of his insults.

He introduces himself as a police officer, father, civil servant, and law-abiding Kenyan. "They're doctors. Police engineers. Police pilots. Police teach. IT-savvy cops "The officer insisted.

He named some police doctors and graduates, including Dr. Mark Melelek Leleruk, Dr. Vincentt Makokha, and Dr. Muthondeki. Cleophas Malala says school dropouts should be police. Consider future generations Ngare said Form Four grades are no longer used to hire police officers.

"Even so-called failures have improved by coming back to class and defining their future in various ways," he said. He also mocked the senator for criticizing the police when he enjoys their protection.

What do we advise future generations who may wish to join the police force? Malala made the controversial comments during a Kenya Kwanza event in Kakamega, where he pushed the next administration to hire school dropouts.

According to him, a police officer's work is restricted to weaponry, which doesn't need intellectual credentials.

Nairobi police officers lead a moving church service. The legislator stated postsecondary education should be for academic achievers. Only top test-takers should be admitted to universities and other educational institutions, he said.

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