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Waiting For 2022? Politicians Are Worst Enemies

As the year 2022 approaches, many are waiting to vote in their preferred candidates. It si not funny that others are waiting to vote out those they don't want to hold the political seats.

Be it Tanga Tanga, Be it Kieleweke, Be it whatever political formation you support. Do you think the political class have you and your needs at heart? Majority of these people seek office either to enrich themselves or to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

As usual the campaign season is the sowing season. You can also compare it to the time one is trying to get a girl's approval to enter into a relationship. They will come with goodies. Don't even be surprised when they knock on your door and share your not so well cooked meal, at least according to their standards. It's the campaign season. They have to win your heart.

Some may even use money to incite you against your fellow Kenyan. But as you wait for all these and more, remember it's this same neighbor you will run to when you need help. After 2022 you may not see that politician ever again. Could be with an appointment you will but how many people want to have their problems heard and solved by Mheshimiwa?

Before you take the wrong actions adviced by selfish politicians, remember it's your friends and neighbors who will come to your aid first whenever you need help. Politicians are not your friends and most of them are hunting for the political positions for their own good.

Life must go on after the elections.

Content created and supplied by: Dinasi_Lawrence (via Opera News )

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