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Most Insensitive Leader; Waruguru Fires Back As War With Kuria Beefs Up

It is barely hours since gatundu south member of parliament hon Moses Kuria posted on his sick bed telling hon Cate Waruguru that he prays to God not to listen to her prayers though he was praying for her.

" Thank you hon Catherine Waruguru,may God not hear your prayers. But I will pray for you my prayers not withstanding," Kuria wrote.

But is now seems like the war and the difference between the two leaders will still go on as the vocal woman leader have responded using coded language and speech marks.

According to Waruguru, the hospital bed has really humbled Chama Cha kazi party Moses Kuria and now he can only see God as the savior. She said that Kuria has now humbled to prayers and not insults. She said sorry for the burnt Kuria's leg which was deep fried According to her. She said that whoever bought for Moses Kuria the the warmer without the doctor's prescription will tell the world why Moses Kuria's nerves failed to respond.

She reminded Moses Kuria that when a person insults his fellow using their children's name or the names of their dead parents then the revenge is always her on Earth. She said that women are also human beings.

She asked Kuria go enjoy his sympathy for now and that the vocal member of hustler nation is the one carrying the trophy for the most insensitive leader in the country right now.

She even wished Kuria a quick recovery on his second coming surgery.

"Hon Moses Kuria now u know hospital bed has really humbled you to prayers and not insults. Am sorry your feet deep fried and got burnt. Who ever bought that warmer machine without proper prescription from the doctor will tell us why your nerves failed you," she wrote.

"Anyway just a polite reminder when you insult us women with our infant children and dead parents,tunakuwanga human too," she added.

"Enjoy the sympathy for now you carry the trophy"most insensitive leader" quick healing in your second surgery/grafting," she added.

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