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Top Countries With The Most Left-Handed People

Have you ever pondered the topic of left-handedness and its prevalence in the human population? If you've ever wondered how many left-leaning people there are and which countries are home to the most of them, your curiosity is about to be satiated. Do you think you could have predicted the Netherlands would come first? Yes. Studies show that the biggest percentage of left-handed people live in the Netherlands, at 13.23 percent.

The United States follows the Netherlands with 12.1% and is very close to its neighbor Canada, which has 12.8%. China's left-handed birthrate is among the lowest in the world, ranking in the bottom ten (10). Studies show that roughly 3.5% of the Chinese population uses their left hand despite the widespread prejudice they face for doing so. Some left-handed people, to avoid more abuse, switched to using their right hands.

Most European nations win the "most leftist" prize. To find out which African country has the highest prevalence, it would have been fascinating if these studies were also undertaken there. Okay, then, let's go into some enlightening data regarding the left-handed.

For those of you who are curious about left-handed people, here are some fun facts!

1.Benefits of using a computer and keyboard

Fact: Left-handed folks can type roughly 3000 words per hour on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Yes. Conversely, a right-handed typist can produce roughly 300 words per minute. Lefties, do you find this to be true?

Two.Males outnumber females.

There are approximately 23% more men than women in the world, as of a 2008 study.

3.Enhanced rehabilitation after stroke

Did you know that a stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain can cause you to lose your ability to speak? The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling speech in roughly 95% of right-handed people and in 70% of left-handed people. So, left-handed people have the best chance of making a full recovery after a stroke. Very interesting, indeed.

4.Smarter than conservatives

More data can be handled and more verbal information processed on both sides of the brain in left-handed people. This is due to the fact that lefties' brains are organized differently, allowing them to use both hemispheres for verbal processing. How does this ring with you, folks on the left?

The time you've spent reading this is greatly appreciated.


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