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Taiwanese Decide To Celebrate Pride By Parading In Public In Taipei

Taiwan is a self governed island in South Eastern Asia. It is having a population of twenty three million people.

Since January this year when covid19 pandemic was identified in Taiwan, it has 446 cases and seven deaths only.

They are celebrating pride in public. Pride celebration is being celebrated because of the fact that Taiwan has contained the spread of the disease in the country.The function was done in Taipei.

They are also celebrating the diversity of people in their country. Darien Chen is one of the organizers who said people around the world will see what they are doing,because they can not attend such a match during this time of pandemic.The celebration was marked with a colourful procession outside Plaza with people spreading a huge rainbow flag in Liberty Square

What comes out clearly in this Parading is the fact that the participants want to show that every live matters. More so in connection to the Black Lives Matter in USA, Taiwanese also advocate for Black Trans Lives as well.

The authoritarian ruler, Chiang -Shek brought marshal law to Taiwan after fleeing Mao Zedong's Communist revolution in China in 1949.

Taiwan has been under martial law until 1987.The law stated that homosexuality was a criminal offence.

Taiwan has since become a leader of gay. Last year its government legalized same sex marriage and the country has become the first in Asia to legalise gay.Chi Chia Wei was arrested in 1986 for Coming out as gay.

Chloe' Grollean said that event was used to bring visibility to Black Lives matter and Black Trans Lives. She reiterated that they are the most marginalised people in the world.

China has been claiming that Taiwan is its territory but has not even ruled it. So Taiwan has been oppressed because China has been boasting of exemplary and outstanding performance of Taiwan to place itself in a good position in the world.

However Taiwan says it understands how to be marginalised and they have learned to cooperate and show compassion in their community.

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