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Gachagua Warned To Be Careful As He Is Told Ruto Could Follow Footsteps Of His Predecessor

Musalia Mudavadi, Rigathi Gachagua, and William Ruto are all actively helping to organise the contemporary feministration movement with the assistance of William Ruto. William Ruto is currently serving as the movement's primary leader. Gachagua is the second in command, whilst Musalia is the top Minister and holds the post that places him third in the hierarchy. Gachagua also holds the position that places him second in command. Both of them are required to give continuous reports to Ruto because he was the one who assigned them to their posts. This obligation stems from the fact that he is the person who appointed them.

Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto's former boss and the former president of Kenya, deceived William Ruto despite the fact that Uhuru Kenyatta had promised to support William Ruto's presidential dreams. William Ruto was duped despite the fact that Uhuru Kenyatta was William Ruto's former boss. When Uhuru Kenyatta was the president, William Ruto reported to William Ruto as his employer. Although Uhuru was a fan of Raila, the people of Mount Kenya remained faithful to William Ruto due to the fact that he had showed the ability to be reliable. Makau Mutua, the head of Azimio, has predicted that the same thing will happen to Gachagua when Ruto ascends to authority, and he bases this forecast on historical precedent. Makau Mutua has given a prediction that the same thing would happen to Gachagua when Ruto ascends to power.

Makau Mutua, a close associate of Raila Odinga, has informed Rigathi Gachagua of an imminent betrayal that would take place in the near future in the bombshell news that he has provided to Rigathi Gachagua this morning. The betrayal will take place in the near future. Rigathi Gachagua was the one who discovered the information that Makau Mutua intended for her to know. Mutua has compiled a record of the instances that have occurred throughout history in which presidents of higher positions in a country have been dishonest with their vice presidents. According to an old Chinese saying, "The King Will Always Slay the Kingmaker."

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