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(Photos) Azerbaijan's President Spotted Posing With An Israeli Stealth & Anti-Radiation Drone

Azerbaijan and Israel have engaged in close cooperation since 1992. Azerbaijan is one of the few majority Muslim countries alongside Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Sudan, Kosovo, Morocco, Albania, Gulf countries and the other former Soviet republics to develop bilateral strategic and economic relations with Israel.

In return for Azerbaijan's support and friendly relations, Israel has provided military weapons such as drones to Azerbaijan. The Israeli weapons in the hands of Azerbaijan were put into good use during its recent conflict with Armenia.

Today, Azerbaijan's President's Ilham Aliyev was photographed next to an Israeli harop drone. This is according to a social media statement by Fox News contributor Raoul Lowery Contreras. The statement read, "President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev standing next to an Israeli Harop drone. The photo was taken today."

In that photo posted by Raoul Lowery Contreras, Ilham Aliyev wore a black suit while touching the top part of the Harop drone. The IAI Harop is a loitering munition developed by the MBT division of Israel Aerospace Industries.

It is an anti-radiation drone that can autonomously home in on radio emissions. It is designed to loiter the battlefield and attack targets by self-destructing into them.

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