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Facts Supporting The Theory That Kalenjin Maybe The Lost Tribe Of Israel

This theory has not been widely accepted but it seems that the outcome of my research is pointing at it as one of the lost tribes of Israel. Here with me are facts supporting the theory.

First, Israelites same to Kalenjin were livestock keepers, they kept various animals cattle included.

Second, in both prowess in historical wars is quire visible, they both usually came out victorious in battles during their olden times.

Third, circumcision as an art is practised by both communities. It has been passed from their ancestors, Kalenjin circumcision dates back to, infinity of course

Fourth, both communities were rule was centralised under one leader, those leaders led them during wars.

Fifth, they both believed in the existence of a supernatural being, they offered burnt sacrifices, led by an ordained priest

Sixth, both believed in life after death, bodies of the death were buried with honour.

Seventh, both had prophets famous of course the likes of Elisha, Elijah ....for the Israelites ,kimnyole and many others for the Kalenjin.

These factors supporting the said theory are inexhaustible. Just share, comment and follow me for more of the same

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Israelites Kalenjin Lost Tribe


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