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This is What the Wheelbarrow Conversation is All About- Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy president William Ruto has revealed what the wheelbarrow conversation is all about.

Through his official Facebook page Ruto said wheelbarrow conversation is about ordinary people and their enterprises.

"The wheelbarrow conversation is about the ordinary people and their enterprises. It is about Mama Mbogas, Watu wa Mjengo, Boda Bodas, Makangas, and their welfare. It is about the empowerment of every Kenyan. It is not about power, positions and tribes. Kazi Ni Kazi," said the deputy president after interacting with residents at Dagoretti South Constituency.

His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments. 

Simon Kabs says "l like the ideology, but I don't like the implementer. it is the fact, of our country, but when it is lead by Ruto, it leaves more questions than answers,"

Kennedy Mwendia wrote "As much as I do agree that kazi ni kazi .. Even those who seem to have made it ,majority have worked their butt to be where they are .. They have hustled too .. Let them not be called dynasty for being in a certain class in life .. Include these people whenever you talk about hustler ... If the message is not delivered as its should be ,. We gonna end up having tension between the "poor " vs the "rich " . 

Gk Joe says "It's very funny how people are blaming Dr. Ruto for jubilee failures and not Uhuru. Uhuru is the boss and Dr. Ruto his assistant . It doesn't matter how good is the turn boy, if the driver is careless and inexperienced, the accident is bound to happen,"

Eddy Ongola says "This is shear mediocrity, step up and tell us how you will address joblessness among the millions of jobless graduates not your mediocre wheelbarrow plans. Ama tittle yako ya Doctor, ni Doctor wa kienyeji na mitishamba and not philosophy!?"

Henry Didinya says "What you are preaching is obviously know as individual efforts but the government should be concerned about good laws,infrastructure, financial institutions and security,"

"8years in govt you still have plans for them? why not do those things now? young people if you are waiting for Ruto to liberate you then God help you," Jimmy Odhiambo says. 

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