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Former MP Ngunjiri Wambugu Gives Tips On How To Invest The KSh 500 Hustler Fund Loan

Since the launch of hustler fund loan Kenyans have been heard complaining how they can use the little amount of money the government is giving as loans. Some even saying they have not yet been given any money since they applied for the loan.

Former nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has given an advised every hustler to be creative and use the little amount of money to start business because its very possible to start small.

He gave different ideas of how one can use the KSh 500 to start a business. For instance, Buy sugar cane stalks @20/-. Buy worth 400/- (20) Cut into 4 units each. Sell each @10/- Hustle in Market/Estate. Get 800/- Keep 300/-. Repay the Ksh 500 loan, Then repeat the following day the same process everyday you will have ksh 300 profit.

In another advice Wambugu says with the KSh500 one can buy a tray of eggs from a farmer at KSh360, a bucket to store the eggs at KSh50. He or she can then buy tomatoes at KSh50 and use KSh50 to boil the eggs.

This business, Wambugu says, will give the person a profit of 400.

Therefore instead of complaining of the less amount of money the government is giving as loan one should be open minded and see the type of business you can start and make a lot of profit.

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