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3 Reasons You Should Avoid Trusting Politicians

3 Reasons You Should Avoid Trusting Politicians.

Yesterday, on the magazines we bought, the information that was topping the discussions was about campaigns and all that stuff about politics.

We had to sit back and analyze what they talking about in the magazines. After which we came up with the following information.

We realize that the lives of most youths is not adorable, the are simply living in vain. Trying to make effort to afford even the simple meal for the day.

Now you find that the politicians are taking advantage of that situation and now they want to use it as there way of getting into power.

What you should know is that, the economy of a country is always rendered bad If the government is weak.

And the power to decide on who you want in the government lies on your hands. But again, there is no need to risk your five years because of a bag of rice that a politician gave to you.

With that and many more, here are the reasons why you should avoid trusting politicians especially during campaigns:

1. They never speak out of their heart.

Remember, the government is something we need for five years before getting the chance to elect another new government.

That means, if you are not so careful, you might choose the wrong person and make him lead you for five years.

We promise you that after those five years, your life will be so messy simply because you chose someone blindly.

The truth is, everyone is hungry for power, that means they can say anything or do anything just to make sure he convinces you otherwise.

So, high chances are that when politicians talk, they never speak from the heart. They speak for the sake of convincing people.

That means, they do not mean what they say and that is why nothing happens after they get to power. So be careful on who you choose to lead.

2. They Don't give Logical manifesto's.

Well, what the citizens always look for are the ways you are going to raise their standards when you get to power.

If incase your manifesto's meat their requirements then you are already their choose.

A problem comes in when you are given promises that are not logical. An example is, somebody promising you eternal life.

We all know that things to do with eternity is always religious and the people who should talk about it are the church leaders.

In other words, when someone promises you something like this, you just know how they are not serious with your life.

That calls for your attention when a politician gives his or her manifesto's. Be careful and always listen keenly.

Don't just believe everything because the manifesto's are supposed to raise your standards but not to make you feel more poor.

3. They never focus on problem solving, but on their self interests.

There are problems that citizens are always going through and that is why they decides to choose a new government.

But now the problem is, a politician comes in the name of solving those problems but once they get to power, nothing happens.

In short, they seems to take our cries as an advantage towards getting to where they want.

But after getting to where they want, we never see them again. That means, they never focus on our problems but on their self needs.

This should sound as a warning when selecting leaders, you know what you need to be solved for you.

Don't choose a leader simply because of the money he can offer or whatever they can offer at the moment, look for your future.

By doing that, we hope the country will have a bright future and everything is going to be good again.

We hope it makes sense. Follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and Comment.

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