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DP Ruto Ally Explains Why Having More Nominated Women Is A Dangerous Move

While speaking at Inooro TV Kiririmbi Show on Sunday evening, Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika stated her different reasons on why she has taken a no stand against the BBI report and why the status quo will remain. Kihika explained why she's against having nominated women increase on the ground that they will always be used as Government rubber stamp of passing unpopular bills.

"There will be no magic to be done in Parliament to increase the number of women in the National now or the remaining time in this Parliament, so for me BBI report is impossible," Said Susan Kihika.

"First, I have problem with nominated women as proposed in the BBI report, we saw them being humiliated with disciplinary actions after giving different opinions. I think nominated women will be used as rubber stamp for Government projects, they do not have a say. I have a problem with the BBI because of the increase number of MP. We are going to have a bloated Parliament," revealed Susan Kihika

"My second reason for opposing BBI is because of poor timing, because for now it's not a priority. At the moment we have bigger problems as a state that needs funds and our attention," continued Kihika.

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