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See What Makes Greater Men

Ace results require ace investment . One important dimension of understanding is self discipline. When you understand yourself and how you are made to function in the family, local and global schemes of things; you be encouraged and strengthened to exercise the discipline needed to make you relevant.

Relevance in life is a result of unflinching discipline of self! As a person who want to start before a kings, your first business or concern is yourself.

Self discipline is also called self management. If your fail in the business of managing yourself, there is hardly anything you will handle successfully. If you want to stand before kings, you must win yourself first, people who will give themselves to you to help them manage.

Kings are interested in Conquerors, not of lands and nations but of self. When you conquer yourself you will stand before kings, because he who conquers others is strong, but he who conquers himself is mighty. Look upon your mirror and observe your greatest competitor.

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