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Can Raila compare to Ruto? Read this!

Tis a grave mistake; attempting to compare Light Vs Darkness is a preoccupation of moonshiners and somnambulists. It's sacrilegious to measure the later letter R using the former letter R or vice versa. Comparing the two is engaging in bull and cock story. I refuse any comparison theories involving the two. However, I wanna posit clearly that Raila has already achieved GOAT status to rank among Lilliputians. The son of Jaramogi stand out a man whose embers of history would continue to flicker for many generations to come, when all shall be said but not done. 

I've a lot of reverence to AGWAMBO notwithstanding his human weaknesses that dims in the light of his solid and undisputed political accomplishments. It's not my mission to weave a remarkable tapestry of RAO from the treads of my experience because I'll be engaging in substantiating the obvious and I stand the risk of messing up remarkable historical embroidery that's RAO. 

RAILA is a GURU /MASTER who is most sought after desirous and eager students. As a student, one would requires readiness to continue a long sojourn of learning and preparation to be released into the world of practice. WRS may have been RAO's student albeit briefly; he wasn't released to the world of practice officially - he was utterly impatient - thus his endless grave errors in the practice of politics and statecraft. 

It's an abomination to allow a truant student to compare with the disciplined Guru. Oh my ! Let's not waste time no more in this meaningless comparisons. RAO plays for a top notch EPL while WSR is struggling to join 1st Division somewhere in Burundi! 

Pardon me , I hope I'm not being cantankerous and offending friends and foes alike!

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