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Viral Chips Seller Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Politicians When Assisting Desperate Youths

A roadside chips vendor who went viral over her use of online media to advertise her business, Bevalyn Kwamboka, presently says she is saddened by politicians using her in negative campaigns ahead of the August 9, 2022 General Election.

The 23-year-old who turned into a web sensation told a local media house on Friday, October 22, that she feels agitated by the move by politicians to utilize her and others individuals in their political campaigns.She contended that once the politicians utilize the youth, they later dump and leave them helpless before online bullies who ridicule them after the elections are over.

The chips vendor said she would not like to turn into the subject of ridicule after the elections as it happened to artist Ben Githae, who has been trolled over and over for his campaign hit songs.

"I saw that coming, I felt terrible, and I was not prepared for that. I would not like to push negative politics and be among such individuals... like the tano-tena artist. I would prefer not to be that individual that Kenyans will say politicians utilized me to propagate their agenda."

She went on to express her dissatisfaction with the cost of living, saying that the government has caused problems for citizens.

"Personally, I'm not content with the manner in which we are living as Kenyans. I can't be able to afford cooking oil as fuel cost has gone up," she expressed.

She added that politicians are taking advantage of her desperate circumstance and utilizing it to woo the masses as part of their strategy to show how they have been empowering the youth. "I'm a chips seller who is desperate and struggling financially. In case you are coming out to help me, help me as an individual you have found in a desperate situation. Do not to come for the sake of branding my workplace to fit specific political parties. After the elections, Kenyans will make a judgment on me," she expressed.

Kwamboka recalled her aftermath with nominated Senator, Millicent Omanga, which caught attention of Kenyans. The Senator took to the social media praising her team for helping the roadside chips vendor to get a footing in the business world, a move that Kwamboka deconstructed.

The Senator gifted Kwamboka branded aprons, an umbrella, and a sack of potatoes.

However, the nominated Senator rushed to cleanse herself following netizens' dissatisfaction, expressing that she didn't realize Kwamboka had higher expectations from her.

While Kwamboka enjoys another business premise dealership away from the side of the road, Twitter has verified her account, which is a win for her as a brand.

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