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Overwhelmed Palestine Reaches to Kenya for Help, Tells them to Do This to Israel

In the recent days, the world has continued to witness an escalating fatal war between 2 middle east nemesis, Israel and Palestine which has led to loss of hundreds of lives, displacement of thousands of people and destruction of properties worth millions.

Each country has been quick to point fingers at the other with Palestine accusing Israel for continuing to bully them and occupying their land unlawfully while on the other hand, Israel claims to be defending itself from the attacks trail blazed by Palestine.

The catastrophic war continues to divide the world with majority of the countries standing with Palestine while others like the USA stands firm behind Israel.

In the midst of the fast escalating tension, Palestine has reached out to Kenyan government to appreciate them for support and and standing in solidarity with Palestinians in these tough times.

Through their Kenyan embassy, Palestine thanked Kenya who is a member of UN Security Council for denouncing violence in the middle East.

As the Security Council contemplate on issuing a joint statement in regards to the aforementioned war in which one member of the Council is said to be sabotaging, Kenya is reported to be among the members that are lobbying for a ceasefire through the issuance of a common UNSC resolution.

Through a report seen by The Standard, Kenya is calling for Israel to stop evicting Palestinians and confiscating their properties and further urging them to stop harassing the Palestine worshippers in Jerusalem.

“Kenya’s position is in harmony with the International Law and the positions declared by the overwhelming majority of States and International independent Organizations, who have all called on Israel to stop evicting the Palestinian inhabitants and confiscating their properties for the benefit of Israeli Settlers as well as repeatedly harassing and assaulting both Muslim and Christian worshipers in Jerusalem,” reads the report.

Palestine has further urged Kenya to join with other UN members to pressure Israel to cease illegal occupation in Jerusalem in compliance with the International laws.

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