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" Ni Kubaya " Disabled Woman Kicked Out Of Her House Over Rent Arrears

A disabled woman has been kicked out of her house by the landlord over pending rent arrears. According to the reports from her neighbors the landlord is alleged to have removed her when it was raining and water ruined her belongings.[Photo courtesy]

This is so sad because the woman is disabled where do you expect her to get money from and maybe her children are no longer working due to the pandemic.

The act clearly indicates that hard times are ahead with the detoriating economy. Everyone is struggling to make both ends meet. Landlords too have families to feed that's why they ask for their money so we shouldn't condemn them for doing things like this, its theirs. Covid-19 has hit everybody with many complaining for government to lift Curfews and lockdowns for them to return to work and make money to feed their children. People are suffering and as a reader give your opinion on whether the country should be unlock for normal life to kick back

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