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Meet A Kenyan Politician Who Was A Billionaire At The Age Of 30 And A 500 Note Nicknamed After Him

He goes by the name Cyrus Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo, famously known as Jirongo. He was born on 21st March 1961 in Lugari sub-county. Jirongo is best known as a politician and once served as a member of parliament for Lugari sub-county. He attended school at Mang'u high school and later on focused on his political career. One of the thing that sets him apart from others is that he was a billionaire at the age of 30 and led a movement called Youth for Kanu 92 (YK92) with an aim of ensuring KANU worn Kenyan's first multiparty elections.

Jirongo together with his five friends managed to raise about ksh. 30 million during the first funding of YK92. He once wrote a note to DT Dobie asking them to give former cabinet minister Shariff Nassir a new car when he discovered that he was driving an old Mercedes car. He was known for dishing out newly minted sh. 500 notes in the 90's. Since those notes were scarce in the Kenyan market, the note was then nicknamed his name "Jirongo". Congratulations to him and follow me for more scintillating content.


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Cyrus Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo Dobie Kenyan Lugari Mang'u


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