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Kenya's Building Bridges Initiative Becomes A Lesson For America.

Kenya's building bridges initiative became a great lesson for America when they were welcoming and swearing in their new president Joe Biden and his vice president Kamara Harris. There seemed to be tension in America as the outgoing president Donald Trump was uncertain about leaving the office and even was not ready to attend the ceremony of their swearing in.

At this point they were supposed to apply the "handshake" way as applied by the Kenyan government. Kenya have been referred to a country of unknown political lines, this was after what seemed to be like impossibilities in politics the government collaborating with the opposition.If America took lessons from the Kenyan's politics, they would put their country at peace and also would reduce political tension. If only the outgoing president and incoming new government would have a "handshake" the Kenyan way,it will solve most of the uncertainties. This is funny that now Kenya is giving lessons to the world on politics and even the new york times magazine is aware of it.

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