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Hundreds Of People Turns Up To Vote For Reforms in the tea sector

Elections for tea farmers is currently going on in most part of the country, farmers are voting for directors in new reforms to be implemented by Kenya tea development agency (KTDA) as per the tea bill. For a very long time, tea farmers have been decrying of low returns due to cartels who have held hostage the tea sector, today they have a voice and a message to pass through casting their votes as to put that on hold and to get rid of cartels.

Whoever coined the phrase, the power of the people is stronger than the people in power never lied. the crowd below are farmers who turned by 7 AM at Mogogosiek tea factory to reclaim their factory from the cartels who continued to milk them dry. They are ready to elect their own as directors. It is a clear indication that the people truly want liberation.

Tea bill which was passed by the parliament was a great reprieve to tea farmers and they are now expecting good returns from their farming once the reforms are fully implemented.

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Kenya Mogogosiek


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