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Senior Bachelor Man Narrates A Sad Story On How Vote Tallying Exercise Costed Him A Golden Date

I'm incredibly pleased to announce that I get along well with friends of all political persuasions.

Even Juma, who maintains that it is irrelevant who is elected because the purpose of elections is to urge people to visit their neighbors once every five years.

We enjoy Juma. As long as you can put up with his propaganda, he will purchase all the alcohol you require.

It wasn't until I was asked to a party last Sunday that I realized elections would have an impact on my personal life. You see, I had no idea what kind of party it was until I arrived.

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I was satisfied because I had been assured that there would be many attractive single women.

When I came to the party, I realised two things. One, there were plenty of stunning single women present.

Two, the party was a vote-tallying gathering. I didn’t even realize such a thing existed.

“What we do is,” continued the host, “we wait for the votes to be counted. Each of us gets a slip of paper on which we write what the next number of votes will be.

The one farthest from the correct number takes a good shot.”

“How long have you been doing it?” I asked. “That female in the corner seems to have blacked out.”

“That’s Emmy. She gets drunk if a beer lorry drives near. Here’s your slip.” And that is how I lost the chance to meet with my queen.

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