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Challenges To Us Youths

1) We support a leader till wins an election. Later we are forgoten like tissue papers. 

2)A politician sends a youth to hit stones and rungus a fellow youth then rewards him with ksh 100-180 to buy chang'aa. 

3)A youth who is send to hit a youth Is not a son of the politician. He is always a son to a poor voter. 

4) Sons and daughters of a politician are always either in The City in good schools or having a party in USA. Kids to the poor voter are the ones used to make noise in Funerals. 

5)When the kids of a poor voter are elevated, the kids to a politician are in a hot soup. 

6) Wisely speaking, Youths appearing in funerals and political events to make Noise, don't have houses. They cant afford three meals a day. They are jobless. Some of them graduated in schools but life challenges makes them eat the hardest side of it due to lack of connection.

7)A politician is a unique person. He cant give job opportunities to the sons and daughters of a poor voter. He fears wise decision. Leant friends have alot of problems. 

8)When a politician sees a fellow politician supporting a poor voter. He claims that he's a thief and a fake eater of the government's resources. 

9) A politician can't allow a poor voter's son or daughter to get elevated. He will fight for his or her downfall.

10)Western politician don't support the political ambitious youths. When Raila supported Babu Owino for the MP post, our Luhya leaders are busy igniting the fight among themselves using the youths. They will give them 50 Bob later to buy data bundles to talk ill about their opponents.

It's very unfortunate. I'mSorryYouths.

As youths, Let's unite for the betterment of our own future.

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