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Former Nyeri MP Ngunjiri Reveals KKA Plans On Gachagua's Career

After his Excellency William Samoei Ruto and Deputy Rigathi assumed the office of the presidency immediately after the inauguration ceremony in August 2022, the month of August 2022 saw the conclusion of political activity.

Honorable Ngunjiri Wambugu, a former member of parliament representing the Nyeri town constituency, has made startling revelations about Kenya Kwanza's plans to end Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's political career. These revelations have shocked the public.

A lawmaker from Nyeri town has come forward to say that since the 15th, when Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua was sworn in to take charge of the government, he has had many encounters that have completely disqualified him from serving as the second in command of the armed forces. This information was disclosed by the lawmaker from Nyeri town.

During the general election campaigns that took place in August 2022, Kenyans criticized Gachagua for his dress code, something that they believed would improve as soon as he assumed the office of the president. They referred to him as a poorly dressed politician.

The Honorable Rigathi Gachagua, a former member of Parliament from the Mathira Constituency, has been characterized as a politician with a loose mouth who doesn't care what gets said in public or what stays private.

Wambugu claims, however, that Gachagua has denied the allegations made against him regarding his attire. The Kenya Kwanza government has been quietly murdering Gachagua's political career, but Wambugu has exposed how they are doing it.

One day, he predicts, Kenyans will view Gachagua as a political comedian, whose statements will be disregarded as laughable. An ally of Mount Kenya has expressed concern over the proliferation of memes utilizing photographs of Gachagua, which have become popular in Kenya.

We've reached the point where government officials feel safe responding to him through the media. Eventually, the people will view him as a political joker who is completely out of his depth as DP. (And he's walking right into it.) No one will take him or what he says seriously in a few months.

He has said again that this will progressively destroy his career as vice president, and that Ruto should speak up against people who make fun of the deputy's persona. Click here for the original article:

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